BMW E36 328i Engine Performance Chip
BMW E36 328i Kassel Performance Tune

BMW E36/E39 M52 2.8L MS41.0 Tuning

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The Siemens MS41.0 was originally installed on all EURO 328 M52's and can be coded to your specifications. This DME will be plug and play for any E36/E39/Z3 M52 2.8L if the EWS delete option (Immo off) is selected. The MS41.0 was a Euro only DME with no emissions equipment from the factory.

Options include:
EWS Delete – No need to align to EWS! Immo off. Plug and play
VIN Recode – Your VIN will be hardcoded to the DME
KP Ultimate Swap DME – +15Hp +10Tq, 7,200 Rev Limit, EWS Delete, Secondary Air Pump Delete, Post-Cat O2 Sensors delete, Muffler Flap Delete, No emissions check engine lights!

Specifics of the Kassel Performance tune:
Emissions deleted;
7000RPM rev limiter;
850RPM idle;
v-max delete;
M3 exhaust;
S50/S52 M3 cam shafts;
M50 manifold.

MS41.1 can be used as acceptable cores.

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