BMW Alpina B3 2.7L Stroker Performance Chip


Alpina B3 2.7L chip for BMW M20 2.7L stroker. This chip was originally used in the Alpina B3 and is set up for a 2.7 “E” bottom end with a 2.5 “I” head. Use M20 AFM and “I” injectors. The Alpina B3 made 203Hp with this software!  New rev limit set to 6850RPM and idle bumped to 900RPM.

Double check your DME. This only works in 173/380 DME’s.



The E30 Alpina B3 2.7L Stroker Chip is one of the best options for BMW M20 325e/352i strokers. Drivability combined with power makes it our goto chip for 2.7 strokers.


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