BMW E46 323 325 330 M3 SAP Delete Kit


Kit provides hardware necessary to fully remove secondary air pump. Block off plate and gasket is only hardware required. When coupled with software it will remove CEL (check-engine light) associated with a broken SAP or Post Cat O2’s.

Software conversion is accomplished using the BMW EU2 (Euro2) software variant. This removes the Secondary Air Pump (SAP) and Post-Cat O2 Sensors. Additionally, the EU2 solution is ideal for those with aftermarket headers and are experiencing CEL’s for the catalytic converters. If purchasing a new DME or sending in a DME that has not previously been used in this vehicle, EWS will need to be aligned using standard BMW software tools.

Block off plate BMW Part #11121438086
Gasket BMW Part #11727505259

The secondary air pump is notorious for failure, and only serves to reduce emissions during cold start. We’re now able to offer a setup that removes this unnecessary and expensive component, and returns your vehicle to a more “stock” or “Euro” configuration. Installing the block-off plate and gasket is extremely straightforward, as is removing your existing SAP and EGR valve.




The Kassel Performance secondary air pump (SAP) removal / delete kit includes 1 OEM BMW block off plate and 1 OEM BMW block off plate gasket. Block off plate BMW Part # 11 12 1 438 086 Gasket BMW Part # 11 72 7 505 259 When coupled with the European 2 (EU2) tune, the SAP and post-cat O2’s are removed from the software as BMW intended for the European Market.  This is a great way to reduce weight by removing the pump and also will pick up HP with the new tune! Users typically will see check engine codes P0491 and P0492 when the SAP is removed or not working correctly.


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