BMW E46 M3 CSL SMG Transmission Parameters


The E46 M3 CSL made quicker shifts, matched revs more precisely, and had a much more aggressive launch mode. Transform your SMG2 E46 M3 into the CSL spec! The transmission control unit that needs to be programmed can be located next to the DME. HIGHLY recommended that DME CSL SMG coding occur at same time.

If you want Kassel Performance to tune your TCU, you can either:
Send it to KP to have tuned $139
Order a core and tune $239
Order a core and tune $239, select return postage, and return your original for a $100 refund. Total cost $139.

Some purists prefer to have their own TCU coded.



The Kassel Performance BMW E46 M3 CSL SMG transmission computer tune enables the CSL launch control and shifting!  This modification is best paired with the DME SMG shifting parameters.  Added CSL shift lights improve the overall experience even more!


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