BMW E36/E39 M52 2.8L MS41.0 Tuning


The Siemens MS41.0 was originally installed on all EURO 328 M52's and can be coded to your specifications. This DME will be plug and play for any E36/E39/Z3 M52 2.8L if the EWS delete option (Immo off) is selected. The MS41.0 was a Euro only DME with no emissions equipment from the factory.

Options include:
EWS Delete – No need to align to EWS! Immo off. Plug and play
VIN Recode – Your VIN will be hardcoded to the DME
KP Ultimate Swap DME – +15Hp +10Tq, 7,200 Rev Limit, EWS Delete, Secondary Air Pump Delete, Post-Cat O2 Sensors delete, Muffler Flap Delete, No emissions check engine lights!

Specifics of the Kassel Performance tune:
Emissions deleted;
7000RPM rev limiter;
850RPM idle;
v-max delete;
M3 exhaust;
S50/S52 M3 cam shafts;
M50 manifold.

MS41.1 can be used as acceptable cores.

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