E46: State of EWS

EWS, or BMW’s immobilizer system, is a somewhat misunderstood and miscommunicated aspect of DME modification. We wanted to take some time to set the record straight on where things stand, specifically for the E46 chassis, as well as announce an exciting new offering only available from us!


Virginizing/Emulators/Full Delete

This is probably the most confusing thing when looking for a computer to run a swap, or to use in a car that no longer has a working EWS module.


Virginizing, or the act of resetting the ecu to factory-fresh condition, will NOT remove EWS. Instead, it just allows the computer to be re-synced to a vehicle. This won’t work for a swap.


Emulators have, up until now, been the only real option to put a M52TU or M54 motor into a swap car (like an E30). Emulators, as implied, are small boards that one solders onto a DME to “mimic” the electrical signal that would normally come from the EWS module under the dash.


Full EWS deletion has never existed for the MS42/MS43 ecu’s, and therefore emulators were always the only route. However, now we can offer a complete, well tested software-only delete. The computer is NOT hardware modified, and becomes truly plug-and-play. The coolest part is that the computer can be moved between vehicles without re-alignment or the use of any software tools. We even include a small jumper wire that bridges the EWS harness under the dash, for users putting this in non-swap cars. For swap cars, coupled with a well built harness such as ours, no jumper is needed!


The M54 is an exciting new option for E30 swaps, and we’re excited to be the guys ready to help make that happen. Contact us if you have questions!



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